May 7, 2015


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So remember that photo shoot I talked about yonks ago... yeah well I finally got around to editing those photos. Talk about procrastination, right?

When I wrap up a shoot, I'm normally itching to get home and begin the editing process. I love reviewing the images and seeing them almost come to life with the colours I inject in Photoshop. But there are also times where I'll come back from a shoot only to find that I'm really disappointed with the images I created. Sometimes I don't experiment with angles enough; sometimes I find that an image I thought was in focus is, in fact, blurry; sometimes I just didn't think things through and went a bit snap happy without really thinking, 'hold on, what am I actually trying to do here?'

In this particular incident, I was really disappointed with how I handled the lighting. In an ideal world, every photo shoot would be conducted at either sunrise or sunset. Sometimes, when you have to travel a fair distance to a location, you don't have that luxury. Shooting in the midday sun is challenging for most photographers. Sometimes the harsh contrast will enhance your photos and sometimes it will hinder them, majorly. I so desperately wanted to share a couple of images from this photo shoot that didn't make the cut purely because I wasn't thinking things through when I was snapping the images. If I had of taken the time to go through my usual process when crafting an image, I would have had two amazing images that probably would have been my best portraits. Alas, they are now on my hard drive never to see the light of day.

It took me six months to edit these photos because I was so annoyed at myself for those two photos. Sometimes when something doesn't go to plan, you can lose a little bit of inspiration. I edited about twenty images from this day and only two really made me feel unhappy, and that's a pretty good result, in hindsight.

I've presented the images today in reverse to the order they were photographed. Most of my work is narrative based, but it's fairly rare that I will take such a large body of work to be presented as a story. I'm really interested to hear what you all have to say about what you think the narrative may be. 

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  1. Beautiful shots!


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